a new paradigm of science

Research Article
B. C. Chauhan
Science, Human Mind, Reality, Unified Theory

We witness an extraordinary success of the two great bastions of 20th century science i.e. Quantum Theory and General Relativity. However, there are serious conceptual and mathematical difficulties rusting in them too. As a result, further growth of fundamental science seems to be at stake. In this work, it is proposed that science continues to grow, but a new dimension is imperative. A thorough recourse into the grass-root level working of science is necessary. We know all the scientific methods are based upon our sense perception, which keeps the outer physical universe as a separate entity; that is something quite independent of the observer. It is, basically, the observer – the knower (human mind) – which makes perception possible. It pretends a person or scientist to recognize or refute the existence of an object or a phenomenon out there. The inclusion of observer in scientific theories, although not easy, yet can certainly spark a revolution in our understanding of nature.