Necrotizing Fasciitis Post Cesarean Section: Case Report And Literature Review

Research Article
Clémentine Uwizeyemariya, Nazek Aboussouf, Suzanne Dougnon, and Aziz Baidada
Fasciitis, Necrotizing tissue, Cesarean section, surgical debridement, maternal death.

Necrotizing Fasciitis is essentially a severe inflammation of the muscle sheath that leads to necrosis of the subcutaneous tissue and adjacent fascia. The necrotizing fasciitis is a rare complication in obstetrics but when it occurs, it frequently presents as a fulminating disease. It is characterized clinically by fulminant tissue destruction, systemic signs of toxicity, and high mortality. Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment must include early surgical intervention and antibiotic therapy. We report a 22 years old female patient Gravida 1 Para 1, 1 living child, without pathological history, sub-saharian, admitted in emergency for suspicion of peritonitis on 4th day post cesarean section, to which necrotizing fasciitis was diagnosed. After resuscitation, the surgical debridement was done and the patient received the antibiotherapy, but the patient died in septic choc.