Multi-Source Echo Cancellation System By Advanced Normalized Subband Adaptive Filtering

Research Article
Samuyelu B and Rajesh Kumar P
Acoustic Echo Cancellation, System Identification, Normalized Subband Adaptive Filtering, Deterministic Initialization

In current scenarios, a foremost crisis like echo in current communication network is brought to a solution using AEC. The major reason for this issue happens when the signals provided at input are the signals of speech which are recurrently colored more when distinguished with white noise. This paper implements a D-MVS-SNSAF technique for identifying the Echo Cancellation Systems (ECS) by deploying NSAF system. Here, the transition count in the input/output signals is evaluated for obtaining the polynomial order from three sets of audio signals such as speech, audio and song. In addition, the proposed technique is compared with traditional algorithms like NSAF, VS-NSAF, SSNSAF, VS-SNSAF and MVS-SNSAF and improvements in the implemented technique is pr