modeling and analysis of knee prosthesis

Research Article
Sudarsan Gautam D., Jagannadha Raju M.V and Sasipalli Vsrao
Knee prosthesis, Finite element analysis, Biomechanics, Contact stresses, modeling

In human body, knee joint consists of different components, i.e. femur, tibia, patella and menisci were subjected to different critical loads while performing physical activities. This paper describes the design and analysis of knee prosthesis. Geometric models of the knee implants were created from the data of CT/MRI images. These models were tested to get the specific results in terms of stress magnitude using finite element analysis software ANSYS. The von mises stress, total deformation, frictional stress and contact pressure between the implants has been analyzed for different biomaterials i.e. stainless steel, CoCr alloy and Ti alloy for femoral and tibial components. The obtained results are compared and concluded that, Ti6Al4V was the best implant material among stainless steel and Co-Cr alloy, when consider the von mises stresses.