Microbial Engineering Technology And Its Enormous Scope

Research Article
Asha Saini and Anjali Sharma

Microorganisms are powerful workhorses for engineering biological functions and have been used for Applications in healthcare, environmental remediation and in the manufacture of desired chemicals.Bacterial and yeast cells with engineered metabolic pathways have been used to streamline the synthesis of Chemical products, such as drugs and fuels(1). For example, escherichia coli and saccharomycesCerevisiae have been engineered to efficiently convert biomass sugars into advanced biofuels, such as Butanol, farnesane and bis-abolane. In addition, owing to their relatively simple genetics and physiology,Microorganisms (in particular, e. Coli and s. Cerevisiae )(5) have been used as experimental chassis to testAnd redesign genetic systems, which has strengthened our understanding of how complex bio-logical Systems function.