Medicinal Properties Of Wild Leafy Vegetables Available In Maharashtra State In Rainy Season

Research Article
Atram Seema
Wild vegetables, medicinal use, ethanobotanical uses.

Man has influence by wild edible plant from ancient time as they are valuable source of nutrition and healthy. By consuming ample amount of plants on a regular basis provide us considerable amount of protein, lipids, carbohydrate and other essential components for the body function, proper supplementation of all necessary vitamins, minerals and other compounds is require for the better health and due to their medicinal property we can develop a new drug in future. This present paper focus on ethanomedicinal property of some non cultivated green leafy vegetables from Maharashtra. On the basis of collected ethanobotanical information through literature study. It is observed that these plant posses useful medicinal activity. These plant are cheap source of protein, carbohydrate, iron and other essential micronutrients. Thus indirectly they act as a alternative source of medicinal drug. Which are easily available in natural habitat. So by analyzing their active constituents they may be introduce as future herbal medicine.