Medical Emergencies At The Dental Office

Research Article
Giovani E M., Bolorino E., Ozi J., Georgevich Neto R., Andia Merlim., Silva TW., Marques F. CC and Santos C C
Emergency; Urgency; Surgeon Dentist; SBV.

The proposal of this article is to address the main medical emergencies in the dentist’s routine and the treatment that these professionals must carry on. This article was based on revision of literature on the subject. The scientific literature shows that medical emergencies in dental offices are common, consequently, some of these emergencies cannot easily be reverted with the simple performance of a professional who is not trained for such situation. The surgeon dentist does not have to hesitate in calling 911, however, it is necessary that the dentist knows the basics of first aid procedures in order to keep the patient alive until emergency help arrives. The most important in the dentist’s behavior is to prevent an emergency situation before it happens in the office, with a good anamnese and a careful physical examination, followed by an evaluation of the signals and symptoms that the most common medical emergencies present.