Medical Applications Based Eeg Control Interface Techniques-A Review

Review Article
Kripa N and Vasuki R
Brain Control Interface, Electroencephalogram, Wireless, Realtime Data, Non-invasive, Applications of EEG.

The present day computers are developed to have the ability to understand the human brain which is truly stupendous. These make science fiction into reality. Many researchers envisage is transmitting signals specifically to a person’s brain that would permit them to see, hear or feel particular tactile data sources. And beyond that even considering the possibility to control PCs or machine with brain control interface. Monitoring the human brain has incredible potential in helping us comprehend the working of our mind and also in forestalling mental disorder and cognitive decline to enhance the individual’s quality of life. Modern noninvasive surface Electroencephalogram (EEG) is the prevailing methodology for studying the dynamics and interaction with the outer environment. BCI technology and innovation must be progressed so that it could be utilized as a part of everyday life for monitoring health. To accomplish this, EEG frameworks must be changed from stationary, wired and bulky framework utilized in most part of the clinical work today to a wireless, remote and savvy wearable, to give a high flag quality. Application of BCI in medical field looks forward to the noninvasive, mobile, real time data acquiring, secure and added to that user friendly. This paper reviews about the recent trends, techniques and applications of EEG waves in medical field depending on the classification of BCI system.