Medical Application Using Nlp Over Cloud

Research Article
Anshul Garg., Vaibhav Singhal and Rachna Jain
Artificial Intelligence, Clinical decision support system, Cloud computing, Natural language processing, Parser, POS Tagger, Semantic analyzer, Syntax Analyzer, Tokenizer.

Cloud computing is a gushing technology where all the computing resources are needed on the cloud rather than having local servers or personal gimmicks to handle applications. Cloud storage means "the storage of data online in the cloud," where in a company's data is hoarded in and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources that engross a cloud. Cloud storage can provide the welfare of greater accessibility and reliability; fleet deployment; rugged protection for data backup and disaster recovery purposes. Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the medical field describes potential to influence the way in which every day clinical dismay and medical research is supervised. NLP systems cater access to structured content embedded in coarse medical texts, therefore enabling automated processing. This paper describes an advent and implementation which leverages cloud-based deployment of medical related NLP application which can pinpoint the disease on the basis medical condition or symptoms provided by user. This NLP interface extracts, process, synthesize, compare/contrast, scrutinizes, and manage medical text data in a flexibly immune and scalable architecture.