Long Term Trends In Weather Parameters At Hisar (Haryana): A Location In Semi Arid Region Of North West India

Research Article
Anurag., Anil Kumar., Raj Singh., Diwan Singh and Manoj Kumar
Climatic Trend, MAKESENS, MannKendall test, Sen’s slope

The study conducted to evaluate trends in different weather variables by long term record of climatic data (1980-2014) of Hisar, Haryana (26.10 N; 75.46 E & 215.2 m AMSL). Hisar station is representative of western agroclimatic region of Haryana. Trend analysis of different weather parameters was carried out by Mann-Kendall test and the magnitudes of the trends were estimated using Sen’s slope. Analysis was carried out by using MAKESENS, an MS Excel macro template. Results revealed that rainfall in September month was increasing significantly @ 2.15 mm/year over long term period (1980-2014). The long term trends were compared with meteorological records of recent past of 20 years (1995-2014) to assess rate of change in changing scenario of climate. In recent past (1995-2014), rainfall in the same month showed significant increasing trend with higher rate of change @ 5.14 mm/year. Maximum temperature of January and September months was found decreasing significantly @ -0.07 and -0.05 o C/annum. The annual trend of wind speed showed highly significant decreasing trend but rate of change/annum was slightly less during recent past (@ -0.03 kmph/annum) as compared to normal/long term trends (@ -0.04 kmph/annum). Similarly other weather parameters like relative humidity, evaporation etc. were also analysed.