Lipid Productivity From Microalgae For The Production Of Biodiesel

Research Article
Prathyusha Sai Pyapalli, Venu Srivastav Kannegalla and Chandra Shekhar Kagitha

Energy is essential and vital for development, and the global economy literally runs on energy. Continuous use of petroleum sources is not favorable as it is obtained from non renewable sources like coal .Thus the production of sustainable energy is the major necessity in this globally competent world. So bio diesel stands out as the best source for energy. The second generation bio fuel produced from feed stock such as micro algae produce the long term solution for the increasing fuel demand. Micro algae have the ability to produce biodiesel due to transesterification of lipids. There is also an added advantage as microalgae have the ability to mitigate CO2 emission and produce oil with a high productivity; they can be used for the wastewater or daily effluent treatment. The present study involves in finding out the micro algal strain which produce high lipid content, best media selection which produces high lipid, optimization of best media using different water sources and nitrogen concentrations