Level Of Sedation In Adults Under Nitrous Oxide For Oral Surgical Procedures

Research Article
Fatima Jadu and Ahmed Jan
Conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, and dental anesthesia

Background and objectives: Few studies have addressed the level of sedation achieved by using nitrous oxide as a single sedation agent in adults. Our aim was to report the level of sedation reached by adult patient receiving 70% nitrous oxide for minor oral surgical procedures. We also aimed to examine differences in the level of sedation relative to the patient‘s age or gender and relative to the type or duration of the procedure. Methods: A historical chart review was conducted and included the charts of 226 patients from the practice of a single oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Only the deepest level of sedation reached by the patient was recorded in addition to the patient’s age and gender. Data related to the surgical procedure included the type, number of surgical sites per procedure and number of surgical procedure. Results: There was a statistically significant gender difference with more females reaching a deeper level of sedation. There was another statistically significant difference for the type of surgical procedure as patients undergoing dental implant placement reached deeper levels of sedation. Conclusions: When 70% nitrous oxide is administered as a single sedative agent, adult female patients reach a deeper level of sedation. Adult patients undergoing oral surgical procedures with mild stimulation also reach deeper levels of sedation compared to other types of minor oral procedures.