Length-Weight Relationship And Relative Condition Factor Of Pachypterus Atherinoides (Bloch, 1794) Of Lachia River Of Dhemaji District Of Assam, India

Research Article
Arup Buragohain
Length-Weight Relationship, Relative condition factor, Pachypterus atherinoides.

Pachypterus atherinoides (Bloch, 1794) an indigenous cat fish locally known as Bordoia in upper Assam (India) belongs to the order Siluriformes and family Schilbidae, Bleeker 1858. The Length-weight relationship and relative condition factor of Pachypterus atherinoides was studied for male, female and combined (male & female) of Lachia river of Dhemaji District of Assam, India. The growth coefficient value ‘b’ in male, female and combined was found to be 1.90, 3.04 and 2.91 respectively. The value of Correlation coefficient ‘r’ between total length (TL) and body weight (BW) in male, female and combined has shown highly positive significant correlation ship. The value of relative condition factor (Kn) in male, female and combined varied from 0.81 – 1.21, 0.81–1.21 and 0.80–1.27 respectively. The finding of this study will help farmers for commercial cultivation and artificial breeding of this species in near future.