The legal environment of bank gospodarstwa krajowego. The new solutions and the author’s proposal for changes

Research Article
Sebastian Skuza
Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Law and Economics, CRDIV/CRR package, state-owned dewelopement bank

Given the above theoretical aspects related to the economic analysis of law, the Author dedicated the core part of his independent research activity to the analysis of the national regulatory environment of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which is an example of mutual connections between the functioning of a financial institution in coexistence with the public finance system. The approach implemented into the Act on BGK in concerning the inclusion of BGK in individually calibrated prudential norms is compatible with solutions used in other European countries. Therefore, the incorporation of this type of norms into the Polish legislation would not be an oddity. EU banking legislation contains solutions that are to become the grounds for creating domestic regulations for commercial banks rather than for state-owned development banks exempted therefrom under the CRDIV.