Knowledge Attitude And Practice Among The Dental Practitioners Regarding The Prescription Of Herbal Mouthwashes

Research Article
Sowndarya B., Dhanraj and Rakshagan
Herbal mouthwashes, non-irritant, Oral hygiene aids

Background: Mouthrinses are widely used as adjuncts to oral hygiene and in the delivery of active agents to the teeth and gums. The ability of these rinses to influence plaque formation and to alter the course of gingival inflammation has been extensively studied. Herbal mouthwashes are the type of mouthrinse that use the extracts from plants with favourable refreshing properties. This study mainly focuses on the knowledge and attitude among the dental practitioners regarding the herbal mouthwashes. Aim: To assess the Knowledge Attitude Practice among the Dental Practitioners regarding the prescription of Herbal Mouthwashes. Materials and Methods: This is a cross sectional study conducted among the dental practitioners through a questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 14 questions and was circulated among the dental practitioners. The sample size of the study was 100 and the results were tabulated accordingly. Result: This survey was conducted among 100 general dental practitioners. The survey population was sufficient enough to reach a conclusion regarding the knowledge of dentists about the usage and uses of herbal mouthwashes. The results showed that around 61% of the dental practitioners ask their patients to use the herbal mouthwashes twice daily. Being aware of the benefits of the herbal mouthwashes, 38% of the dentists prescribes the herbal mouthwashes too often to keep the oral cavity healthy on a regular basis and Herbal mouthwashes are prescribed for Halitosis (45%), and 75 % of the dentists find herbal mouthwashes beneficial, and 58% of the dentists are aware of all the herbal mouthwashes commercially available. Conclusion: From the study it is so evident that the present day dentists are much aware and prefer herbal mouthwashes than chemical mouthwashes. With the increasing toxicity in the chemical drugs it is better to opt out for herbal mouthwashes. Because herbal mouthwashes are less toxic, have less side effects and are affordable too.