The Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Ill Effects of Television Viewing on Children Among Mothers: A Descriptive Approach

Research Article
Jismi, Jisna, Johncy, Jubin, Jubiya, Priya Aranha*
Knowledge, Attitude, Ill effects of television viewing, Children, Mothers

Television is a wonderful gift of science. Children are the worst victims of TV influences. Its impact on children is universal. The knowledge and attitude of the parents or rather the mother is of most important as it is inter related with the television viewing attitude of her child. Objectives of the study are to assess the existing knowledge and attitude regarding the ill effects of television use and its prevention among the mothers, to correlate the knowledge and attitude score of mothers regarding the ill effects of television use and its prevention, to find association between knowledge and attitude with demographic variables. Descriptive survey design was used for this study. The sample consisted of 100 of mothers who are residing in the selected urban community of Mangalore. Sample was selected by non probability purposive technique. Structured knowledge questionnaire and attitude scale was used to collect the data from samples. The collected data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Study finding have shown that, there is a relationship between knowledge and attitude and also there is a significant association between knowledge and demographic variables such as education, occupation, and hours of television viewing by children.