Karyotypic And Morphometric Analysis Of A Predatory Hoverfly, Syrphus Ribesii (Diptera: Syrphidae) From Jammu Region (J&K), India

Research Article
Khajuria M., Tripathi N.K and Bhatti A.A
Hoverfly, Meiosis, Biocontrol, syrphidae etc.

During present investigation, the chromosomes of a predatory hoverfly, Syrphus ribesii of family Syrphidae were studied first time from the Jammu region (J&K). The larva of this hoverfly act as bio control agent for suppressing the populations of aphids. The observed diploid number of the species was 2n=8. Observed meiotic stages included diplotene, diakinesis, pachytene and leptotene. The sex chromosomes include sub telocentric X and acrocentric Y chromosome. The present study regarding the chromosomes might help in the solution of taxonomic problems with in the family syrphidae.