Issues and Challenges in Teaching And Learning of English In Tertiary Institutions: A Case Study of Kogi State College of Education (Technical), Kabba

Research Article
Moses G. O, Joseph Olubunmi. O and Moses V. O
Teaching, Learning, Challenges; Competence, Hete rogeneous, Interlingua.

This paper addresses the issues and challenges associated with the teaching and learning of English language in tertiary institutions with particular attention on Kogi State College of Education (Technical), Kabba. The data for the research were culled from students’ continuous assessment and examinations conducted by the writers of this paper over a period of time and conversations in and around the campus. There are several conversations, but the study uses few for its analysis. However, the few cut across different issues that reflect the grammatical behavior of the students involved and by extension, an average Nigerian student. The paper asserts that both teachers and learners of English face challenges Grammar plays a vital role and the users’ mastery of it determines their competence and performance in the Language. The college is made up of heterogeneous population; there is also the problem of Language transfer, which results in Interlingua errors based on the interference theory. In addition, the paper also discusses the factors that make teaching and learning of English language a challenge. It concludes by proffering possible solutions and or recommendations to the various issues and challenges identified in the study