Isolation, Characterization And Pharmacological Effect Of Bioactive Compound From Two Varieties Of Cocus Nucifera L

Research Article
Thangaraj N and Jayalakshmi C
Antitumour, Topoisomerase Enzymes, Antiprotease

Medicinal plants represent a vast potential source for anticancer compounds. These compounds are extremely complex molecular structures, which would be difficult to synthesize (or conceptualize) in the laboratory. The antitumour activity of medicinal plant derived compounds may result via a number of mechanisms, including effects on cytoskeletal proteins which play a key role in cell division, inhibition of DNA topoisomerase enzymes, antiprotease or antioxidant activity, stimulation of the immune system, etc. (1). Plants can delay or even prevent cancer on-set. Plants can support the immune system, thus improving body resistance to the disease and its treatments. Plants can prevent and decrease side effects of conventional treatments. Plants can provide nutritional, as well as psychological support.