Isolation And Structural Determination Of Arctigenin From Ipomoea Cairica l. (Sweet)

Research Article
Deepa Srivastava and Sarita Yadav
pomoea cairica, Arctigenin, HPLC, FTIR, NMR, Mass Spectrometry

Arctigenin has many pharmacological activities with clinical significance and is mainly derived from Arctium lappa L. It has also been reported in Fructus Arctii, Bardane fructus, Merremia gemella, Ipomoea cairica, Forsythia intermedia, Saussurea nucifera and Torreya medusa. In the present investigation Ipomoea cairica L. (Sweet) is taken for isolation and structural determination of Arctigenin present in it. The leaves extract in ethanol was taken for isolation of Arctigenin; the separations were performed at preparative scale with solvent composed of Benzene: ethyle acetate (9:1) ratio. Isolation was done by silica gel column and preparative TLC. Purity checked by HPLC and TLC. The structural determination was done by Mass Spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy; NMR and elemental analysis.