investigation of renotoxic effects of cisplatin in altering doses on experimental animals

Research Article
* Uday Kiran B, Sushma M, Prasad K.V.S.R.G, Vijay R Chidrawar, Uma Maheshwara Rao V
Cisplatin, Blood urea nitrogen, Urea, Lipid peroxidation, Glutathione, Catalase

Cisplatin is the potent antineoplastic drug with significant nephrotoxic effects. The present study is to evaluate the nephrotoxic effects on varying doses of cisplatin such as 5mg/kg, 6mg/kg and 7mg/kg doses on male albino rats of Wistar strain. Various parameters determining nephrotoxicity such as blood urea nitrogen (BUN), urea, kidney weight and total body weight were assessed along with the in vivo antioxidant parameters like lipid peroxidation, reduced glutathione and catalase. Based on the histopathological evaluation this study has significantly shown the severity in the damage of the glomerular, tubular and epithelial cells on varying doses of cisplatin dose dependently