Investigation On Reciprocating Air Compressors - A Review

Research Article
Vijaykumar F Pipalia, Dipesh D. Shukla and Niraj C. Mehta
Reciprocating air compressor, Intercooler, Heat transfer, volumetric efficiency and Isothermal efficiency

Heating is an undesirable effect of the compression process at least as far as compressors are concerned and heat transfer is nature's way of driving systems towards stability. This has not only provided food for thought for researchers trying to understand its influence and quantify its effects, but also challenged designers to mitigate its impact and develop safe and efficient designs. Also, just as any other unwanted phenomenon would spur curiosity and inventiveness, this has led to the development of a host of new materials both metallic as well as non-metallic to withstand the vagaries of high temperatures, in addition to the toxic environment present in many gas compressors used in pumping and process industries. Also this investigation is concerned with the improving efficiency of two stage reciprocating air compressor by providing water cooling source, radiator coolant and ethylene glycol. The experiments of a two double-cylinder reciprocating compressor system with air, water and different inter coolants were performed.