Investigation Of Heavy Metals In Vegetables And Fruits In Diyala Province _Local Market

Research Article
Suaad, K.Abd_Al_Wahab, Zeina,G.Fadeel, Mohammed,A.Farhan and Maryam A.Ahmed
heavy metals .vegetables. fruits. AAS

In the present study , heavy metals (Pb , Ni , Cu and Cr) was determined in vegetable and fruits . twenty four samples was collected from local markets included local and imported vegetable and fruits during spring 2014 . the analysis was done dy atomic absorption spectrophotometer .the results show that this was increases in pb rate in each of Foeniculum vulgare and Pakistan Solanun tuberosum(1.3389 and 1.7247 ppm, respectively ) while no nickel rate was recorded in this study . the highest rate of cu was in the leeks (0.8028 ppm) in local regrettable and fruits while highest rate of this element was in Jordanian Lycopersicon esculentum(0.1969 ppm) .highest rate of cr was in Prtroselinum hortense and Jordanian Lycopersicon esculentum 0.7953 and 0.6180 ppm respectively.