investigation of abrasive wear properties of graphite reinforced pa66 polymer composites

Research Article
Mani Deep. Nomula, Shaik Himam Saheb and U. Sandeep Prasanth
PA66 polymer, abrading distance, graphite reinforcement, wear, graphite, normal load

An experimental investigation is carried out to study the effect of normal load, weight fraction of graphite and abrading distance on the abrasive wear behavior of graphite reinforced polymer. Wear studies are carried out using PIN ON DISC APPARATUS. Weight loss of composites during abrasion has been examined as a function of sliding distance, normal load and weight fraction of graphite. Specimens with varying weight fraction of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 of graphite have been taken and wear test is conducted using pin on disc apparatus under dry contact conditions. Weight loss is determined for loads of 10N, 20N, 30N with a track diameter of 40 mm, disc rotating speed of 500 rpm, using 400 grade silicon carbide emery papers. A series of experiments are conducted to find out the weight loss due to wear and thus estimate the specific wear rate coefficient of each specimen using “ARCHARD’S EQUATION”. Graphs are plotted to show the variation of weight loss with abrading distance, with increase in graphite percentage at various loading conditions and variation of specific wear rate against applied load with increase in graphite percentage at various abrading distances