Inversion Polymorphism Of The Natural (Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary) And Laboratory Population Of Drosophila Nasuta Nasuta

Research Article
Dayananda G.Y., Narasimha Reddy A., Chandrakala, E and Nagaraja
Inversion polymorphism, Drosophila nasuta nasuta.

Inversion polymorphism of Drosophila nasuta nasuta in two localities namely Mandagadde and laboratory population was analyzed. In both the population the inversion is studied, namely 2RA, 2LA, 3A and X. The maximum frequency of 41.9% of 2RA was found in Mandagadde population and less frequency of 38.46% of 2RA was found in laboratory population. Only 2RA inversion is more in natural population than that of the laboratory population. No significant difference was found among other inversions such as 2LA, 3A and X.