Improving Mobile Robots Tracking And Navigation Through Increasing Velocity And Accuracy In Sensor Network Data

Research Article
Jalall Mehrabi., Ali Hashemi and Amir Hossein Zaeri
Signal, sensor, encoder, Mobile robots, mechatronic.

By advancement of science and technology use of robots is an inevitable issue in human life. Different sensors are used in robots structure that each one undertakes a transmission task in a certain signal. In this context some sensors are available named joint. These sensors are composed of an incremental encoder. The moving part of encoder is connected to motor shaft. Mobile robots are one of the mechatronic research contexts which have indicated a lot of research in different contexts. Considering the objective of study aiming to improve mobile robots tracking and navigation through increasing speed and accuracy of sensor network data, in this study the Matlab software is used for analysis of obtained data. Thus, obtained results from ant colony algorithm are transferred to antcolony and the outputs are investigated.