The Implication Of Zakat Distribution In Strengthening The Faith Among Converts In Selangor

Research Article
Mariam Abdul Majid., Syarul Azman Shaharuddin., Abur Hamdi Usman., Muhammad Yusuf Marlon Abdullah., Fakhri Sungit and Zulkifli Abd, Hamid
Zakat; Converts; Faith; Selangor; Malaysia

The enforcement of zakat distribution is based on the principle and concept which have been assigned through Islamic law that will give a big impact on strengthening the faith among converts. This study is done to identify the implication of the zakat distribution on the strengthening of faith among converts in Selangor. It was also done to analyse the relationship between the strengthening of faith among converts with certain education level. Hence, this study was done quantitatively which involves 454 converts as respondents were chosen through the random sampling in order to get the data for the study. The descriptive analysis showed that the zakat distribution and the level of faith among converts in Selangor are at a high level, with values of 4.71 and 3.99 respectively. The descriptive analysis that involves mean and and standard deviation showed that converts with a higher level of education has a higher impact of zakat distribution compared to ones with a lower level of education.