The Impact Of Tourism Development On The River Martapura Pierre Tendean Revenues Local Communities And Traditional Traders In Surrounding

Research Article
Gusti Marliani., Yusuf Asyahri and Khairiyahtul Anwar
Tourism development, revenue, local communities, Traditional trade

The study was motivated by the efforts of local authorities to promote the progress of Banjarmasin local tourism sector. The tourism sector is one program that was built by the local government to promote the area shown on one of the outskirts of the tourist development which is the development of siring Martapura Piere Tendean, viewing tower construction, procurement floating market, procurement and construction of river transport proboscis monkey as a mascot statue of South Kalimantan. The purpose of this development is the increase in low-income economies both local communities and traditional merchants around the tourist development, so the aim of this study wanted to know the impact before and after the construction of the tourist revenues of local communities and traditional merchants. This research is a quantitative and descriptive analysis. The data used is primary data drawn from observation, documentation, methods Questionnaire (questionnaire). The sampling technique used purposive sampling. Data analysis using Paired sample t test (Paired sample t test). The results showed differences in local people's income and traditional merchants before and after the construction of Piere Tendean travel. From these results show an increase in the income of local communities and traditional traders after tourism development Piere Tendean edge Martapura River.