impact of retail banking in indian economy

Research Article
Parmanand Barodiya and Anita Singh Chauhan
Retail banking in the World, Trends in Retail Banking, Challenges and opportunities of Retail Banking in India, Retail Banking, Retail Banking Sector.

Retail banking is a bank executes transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or other banks. Services offered include savings and transactional accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, and cards. Today, retail banking is being considered as one of the most innovative financial services provided by the various commercial Public Sector Banks (PSBs), private sector and foreign banks. Retail banking has a huge potential considering the growing demand for its products namely, term deposits, consumer durable loans, auto loans, debit card, credit cards, ATM facilities, insurance, online banking, etc. The growing sector of retail lending has contributed significantly to the development of the economy. Like other developed countries, India too, has a developed retail banking sector which accounts for one-fifth of all banks credit. Retail lending across the globe has been a showcase of innovative services in the commercial banking sector. Countries, like India, have emerged as potential markets with changing investment opportunities. The higher growth of retail lending in emerging economies can be attributed to the rapid growth of personal wealth, favorable demographic profile, rapid development in information technology, the conducive macroeconomic environment, financial market reforms and small micro-level supply side factors. The retail banking strategies of banks are undergoing a major transformation, as banks are beginning to adopt a mix of strategies like organic growth acquisition and alliance formation. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the marketing strategies of the banks. PSBs are adopting aggressive strategies, leveraging their branch network to garner a large share of the retail market. This article attempts to highlight the prospects and the future role of retail banking in India.