Identifying Competent Training And Detraining Method To Improve Speed, Stride Frequency And Anaerobic Power Among Varsity Students

Research Article
Saravana Prabha R
Competent Training Method, Detraining Method, Speed, Stride Frequency and Anaerobic Power

Research findings have indicated that the Competent Training Method (CTM) and Detraining Method (DM) to improve Speed, Stride Frequency and Anaerobic Power among Varsity Students. For the purpose fifty female students were selected as subjects. The age of the subjects’ ranged from 17 to 20 years; height ranged from 150 to160 centimeters and weight is 40 to 55 kilograms. The experimental design used in this study was random group design. The selected subjects were divided at random into five groups of ten each (n=10). Group I underwent speed training, Group II underwent power training, Group III underwent combined training, Group IV underwent complex training and Group V acted as control group.