Hyper Spectral Imaging For Discrimination Of Inkjet And Laser Printers For Forensic Document Examination

Research Article
Kapil Kumar., Parvesh Sharma and Shobhana K. Menon
Photocopies, Printer, HIS (Hyper Spectral Imaging), Forensic Document Examination

In modern offices, photocopies and printers (inkjet and laser) occupy a paramount part of routine work, withal making them vulnerably susceptible implement in document forgeries. Researchers had reported examination of printed toner and printers in different aspects of document frauds and instrumental methods. Albeit spectral data bases is engendered for discrimination of photocopy and printer toner there is a desideratum for application of HSI for inkjet and laser printers examination and their differentiation in dynamic system. Here in this study an endeavor is made to differentiate laser and inkjet printer strokes on paper surface by utilizing hyper spectral imaging technique for forensic document examination purport. The method can be utilized for detection of print forgeries, alterations and page supersession of printed queried documents as well as for the analysis of printers. Perhaps the most paramount distinction among inkjet and laser printers is their printing process and ingredients.