Guide wire sounding: a useful technique to aid accurate placement of Distal locking screws in intermedullary nailing of long bone Fractures in a low resource centre

Research Article
Olakulehin OA, Amuwa C.O.F, Yakub S and Itie J C
Intramedullary nail, guide wire, sounding and distal locking screws

Intramedullary nailing has evolved overtime to become the gold standard in the management of the long bone fractures. Locked nail is now the preferred method of fixing femoral, and tibia shaft fractures. Distal locking of the intra medullary nail however is still a challenge in orthopedic practice despite numerous innovations. Intra operative guide wire sounding of the hollow I.M nailing improved the accuracy of distal locking screws placement in this study and also has the potential of reducing radiation exposure to both the surgeons and the patient with no additional cost to the patients.