Geospatial Technology Based Detailed Mapping Of Coastal Geomorphological Features And Certain Significant Observations - Part Of Puri District, Odisha, India

Research Article
Kathiravan R, Palanivel K Ramesh Kumar K and Sudhakar Ch
Beach Ridge and Swale Complex overprinted by Delta, Relict Beach Ridge, Planated Beach Ridge, Puri District, Odisha.

The Geospatial Technology, which includes a collection of computerized geospatial tools, such as Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing, Digital Photogrammetry, Global Positioning System and Geographic Information System used to generate, manipulate and handle voluminous spatial and aspatial data easily and provide pragmatic information through spatial analyses. Apart from these regular tools of Geospatial Technology, the advanced tools like 3D visualization of the terrain in laboratory through high resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) developed out of CARTOSAT-1 Stereo data and its derivatives like vertical profiles, generation of stereo-anaglyph images of a particular area and Shaded Relief Maps (SRM), the detailed mapping of subtle coastal geomorphic landforms becomes very easy and cost- as well as time-effective. The present study is aimed to map the Geomorphological features found in the coastal part of Puri District, Odisha in a very large scale, i.e., on 1: 5,000 in GIS, using onscreen interpretation of False Colour Composites (FCC) of IRS LISS IV Satellite and high resolution CARTOSAT stereo data, FCC wrapped CARTOSAT DEM, SRM, Profiles and Digitally processed satellite images. Using these satellite data sets and advanced Geospatial tools, a spectrum of various Fluvial, Marine, Aeolian and intercalated Fluvio-marine geomorphic features such as, Palaeochannel, Flood Plain, Palaeo Beach Ridge and Swale Complex overprinted by Delta, River Island, Relict Beach Ridge, Planated Beach Ridge, Back Water, Swale, Palaeo Lagoon, Palaeo Lagoon overprinted by Delta, Mud Flat, Supra Tidal Flat, Inter Tidal Flat, Sub Tidal Flat, Spit, Sand Dune and Beach have been interpreted, mapped, field verified and finalized for the study area. Through this detailed Geomorphology map, certain important observations such as, evolution pattern of Geomorphic features, repeated erosional and depositional Geological processes that have sculptured the area for the present day resemblance and their significance in terms of active tectonism are made and discussed evidently in the present research paper.