Geoenvironmental Challenges-Beyond The 2011 East Japan Earthquake And Tsunami

Research Article
Rakesh Reddy E., Haritha Bandi and Saibaba Reddy E

Among the several geoenvironmental issues caused by the 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku, this paper summarizes two issues, namely (1) treatment of disaster debris and utilization in geotechnical applications and (2) countermeasures against nuclide contamination. Utilization of the treated disaster debris for the recovery works have been conducted at the disaster affected areas, in particular at the areas subsided by this disaster. Characterization, standardization, and strategic utilization of the recovered soils obtained from the disaster debris have been discussed. Countermeasures against soils and wastes contaminated with nuclides require the approach from several geoenvironmental viewpoints, such as the design and performance evaluation of containment system for contaminated materials.