Gentic Diversity Analysis on Moringa Oliefera By Using Different Molecular Markers: A Review

Research Article
Shaili Yadav and Jyoti Srivastava*
Moringa oliefera, genetic diversity, polymorphism, molecular markers

Moringa Oliefera is a multipurpose tree introduced to Africa from India at the turn of this century. Despite limited knowledge of the levels of genetic diversity and relatedness of introduced populations, their utilization as a source of seed for planting is widespread. In order to facilitate reasoned scientific on its management and conservation and prepare for a selective breeding programme genetic analysis of different population of Moringa oliefera DNA marker techniques, i.e., random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), simple sequence repeat (SSR), Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP-PCR), inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) and Cytochrome P450 gene-based marker were used. This study reveals a huge genetic diversity among the cultivars and this can be utilised for conservation and cultivar development in breeding programmes to produce high yielding, nutritionally superior cultivars of M. oliefera.