GC-MS analysis of bioactive constituents of leaf, root, and bark parts in methanolic extracts of semecarpus anacardium l.

Research Article
*Y. Sravanthi G.Bhagirath, V. Sadguna and Mohammed Mustafa
S.anacardium, Bioactive components, Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis, phytochemicals.

Natural resources are considered the treasure of the earth. Medicinal plants are the major source of natural products having a wide range of therapeutic applications due to secondary metabolites which are potential sources of drugs. Green plants release thousands of bioactive compounds from their various parts such as leaves, stems, and roots, and there are various secondary metabolites. In India, S.anacardium is used in Ayurvedic and Unani preparations as a traditional folk medicine and remedy for several illnesses. The screening of primary phytochemicals, crude extracts of leaf, stem bark, and roots of S.anacardium revealed the presence of important phenolic compounds, alkaloids, fatty acids, saponins, flavonoids, many secondary metabolites, and significant bioactive compounds. The present investigation was carried out to detect and identify possible bioactive compounds present in the different plant parts of the S.anacardium plant by Gas chromatography- Mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) technique. Twenty bioactive compounds were identified in the methanolic extract of S. anacardium. Among them 9 compounds were found in methanolic extracts of leaf, 8 compounds in methanolic extracts of stem bark, and 3 compounds in methanolic extracts of root. The results revealed the presence of various phytochemical compounds in all parts of the plants in methanolic extracts.