Field Relationship And Geochemistry Of Microgranular Enclaves In Host Rock Granites In And Around Nalgonda District, India

Research Article
M.Bawanhun Mawthoh, R.S Kumar, T Kannadasan and N.Nandhagopal
enclaves, granite, microgranular, geochemistry

The microgranular enclaves are mesocratic to melanocratic, fine to medium grained, porphyritic, and sub rounded to elliptical shaped showing typical magmatic signatures into the host rock granite/gneisses of the

Peninsular Gneissic Complex of the Eastern Dharwar Craton (EDC) part of Nalgonda district. The macro and micro granular enclaves are either/or partially dissolved due to mixing of magma. Geochemically, the

enclaves is rich in K2O+Na2O, suggesting it is an alkali granite derived from calc-alkaline magma. The REE pattern shows strong Eu negative anomaly, suggesting early separation of plagioclase. The enhance

level of LILE relative to HFS element point to the subduction zone enrichment and/or crustal comtamination of the source region.