Fe2o3/Graphene Nanosensor For Electrochemical Analysis Of Chlornitrofen In Environmental Samples

Research Article
Kasaram Roja., Puthalapattu ReddyPrasad and Neelam Yugandhar Sreedhar
Graphene, Fe2O3, pesticide, nanosensor and voltammetry

Fe2O3/Graphene nanosensor is developed for the determination of chlornitrofen was studied by cyclic and differential pulse voltammetry. The peak observed for the chlornitrofen are attributed to the reduction of nitro groups at pH 4.0 (universal buffer). A systematic study of various experimental conditions, such as pH, accumulation potential, accumulation time and scan rate were studied. The relationship between peak current and chlornitrofen concentration was linear within the concentration range of 0.002‒40.0 µg mL-1 with detection limit is found to be 0.0064 µg mL-1 (S/N=3). The proposed method is sensitive and free from interferences of other foreign ions. The proposed method has been satisfactorily applied to the determination of chlornitrofen in environmental samples