Factors Influencing Smartphone Purchase Behavior Among Young Adults In Nigeria

Research Article
Ayodele, Adeola Adetola and Chioma Dili Ifeanyichukwu
Brand Name, Product Feature, Aesthetic Value, Price, Social Influence.

With the current paradigm shift from analogue telephoning to digital and the astronomical increase in the active mobile subscribers and teledensity in Nigeria, this has led to the emergence of mobile communication device that enhances this shift. The smartphone provides an opportunity for internet-enabled communication due to its multi-tasking ability. Arguably, it is expedient to investigate the determinants of Smartphone purchase behavior in an emerging economy like Nigeria. More so, Smartphone was found to be common among young adults who make up the larger percentage of Smartphone market in Nigeria. Based on the fore goings, the study seeks to empirically investigate the determinants of Smartphone purchase behavior among young adults in Anambra State, Nigeria. To achieve the objective, survey research design was adopted and quota sampling was chosen as the sampling technique. A sample size of 437 respondents was statistically drawn and the research instrument was a questionnaire. Hypotheses were tested using multiple. The result of the data analysis had serious implications for retail management among others. It is recommended that Smartphone marketers should adopt a customized marketing mix strategy, also various attractive features should be offered to better appeal to the young adults and a more attractive appealing pricing strategy should be adopted.