experimental analysis of tadvidyasambhasha with respect to human intelligence

Research Article
Raju Kumar
Tadvidyasambhasha, Shankhapushpi, intelligence, intellectual meet.

Since various stages of human evolution or their civilization or development, human being fallowed a specific pattern of meet. In their different constituents of lively hood like social, political, industrial, economical or in different areas of sciences as well as other necessary areas related to their progressive evolution in psycho somatic aspects the human society simultaneously developed a specific patter of meet. It is called as Tadvidyasambhasha. According to Ayurveda, when there is a union of soul, senses and objects occurs in the human body along with the mind, then there is origin of many types of intelligence or knowledge is seen. The senses receive their respective objects along with the mind. After this the mind decides whether this object is having qualities or this object is defective. According to the intellect which is determined in this matter, a person is capable of saying or doing. Therefore, for the creative and functional health, ease and strength of these components of human intelligence, they continue to practices and compliances of various measures like numerous diets, drugs, yoga, routines discipline and regimen as well as certain supplements such as brihnya, balya, vrishya, medhya,rasayana etc. Simultaneously, the three-way method of intelligence study, teaching and Tadvidyasambhasha directly they follow. Acharyas who are known for their great intellect called this Tadvidyasambhasha foremost among all these, in regard of this micro thinking we performed an experimental or analytical study with special reference to that of using MedhyaRasayanaShankhapushpi.