Equilibrating Functional Stability With Aesthetic Harmony In A Kennedy Class Ii Saddle Area Using Precision Attachment: A Dexterous Alternative To Implants !

Research Article
Sanjay B Lagdive., Rupal J Shah., Sunil N Shrof., Pratik B Acharya., Vishal Verma and Kiran Hadiya
Attachment retained removable partial denture, aesthetic overhaul.

The vigilance and demand for quality of dental treatment is relatively incrementing in recent generation and more so, as far as aesthetics are concerned, along with other functions of the prosthesis. Distal-extension removable partial dentures have always posed a challenging situation to the clinician and in such cases the strategic positioning of the direct retainers would ascertain the long-term prosperity of the prosthesis. The balance between functional stability and cosmetic appeal is a major challenge to dentists, and a variety of solutions have been proposed in the form of minuscule interlocking devices, often called “precision attachments,” designed to connect the prosthesis to the abutment teeth. Attachment retained RPD is a viable treatment alternative to implant through which a significant number of patients could be benifited both long and short term.