Epidural Hematoma: Exceptional Complication Of Anticoagulant

Research Article
Salmi Amine
Epidural hematoma, oral anticoagulants, diagnostic emergency

Accidents with oral anticoagulants have been widely described, but the epidural remains exceptional location in the literature. It represents a diagnostic trap, leading to unusual clinical forms making diagnosis difficult, source of examinations and unnecessary treatment. If the clinic is misleading, imaging has to establish the diagnosis. The objective of this presentation is to highlight the pitfalls that can represent the location, show that getting an early diagnosis can improve prognosis, finally, to give careful reader with dramatic consequences of bleeding in a particular site, the epidural space. We report the case of a carrier 34years old patient with a mechanical mitral valve prosthesis (St. Jude), oral anticoagulants such as acenocoumarol (Sintrom) and who, following an overdose of vitamin K antagonist, consulted for febrile neck pain, having initially been discussed meningitis, including imaging (scan of the cervical spine) concluded a epidural hematoma comprehensive cervical C3-C6 without vascular malformation visualization or other cause that could explain the bleeding. Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) performed one month showed a total resorption of hematoma.