Enhance Data Security In Cloud Using Steganography

Research Article
Vaibhav Singhal and Rachna Jain
Security Issues, Cloud Security, Cloud Architecture, Data Protection, Cloud platform, Grid Computing, Steganography

Cloud Computing is same as having a computer but without a computer. It delivers computer services- Servers, Storages, database, networking, software, and analytics- over the internet. We don’t have to buy extra hardware for extra storage, server, etc. we get all that by virtually and it is pay-per-use. In cloud computing, data storage is a big issue because the entire data reside over a set of interconnected resource pools that enables the data to be accessed through virtual machines. These resource pools are situated over different parts of the world, therefore, security and management of the data may not be fully trustworthy. The objective of this paper is to prevent unauthorized access of data in cloud computing environment. In this paper, we introduce a model for storage of data, by hiding data inside images, using an algorithm based on LSB steganography technique.