Effects Of Miswak-Salvadra Persica On Oral Health-A Review Article

Review Article
Ahtesham Ahmed qureshi., Aijaz ahmad qureshi., Amol Dohipoide and Nilofar Nawab. Jamadar
Antimicrobial agent; Tooth Brushing, Oral Hygiene, Miswak, Salvadora Persica

For centuries to improve dental health and to promote oral hygiene plants and plant products in various forms have been used in several communities throughout the world. ‘‘Miswak’’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘‘tooth-cleaning stick,’’ and Salvadora persica miswak has a wide geographic distribution. It was used by ancient Arabs to whiten and polish the teeth. This review article discusses the history and chemical composition of Salvadora persica miswak and its in uence on oral health, including the advantages and disadvantages of its use