Effectiveness Of Self-Instructional Module Regarding Behavioral Problems Of Adolescents For The High School Teachers, On Assessment And Referral Of Their Students With Behavioral Problems, Namakkal District,Tamil Nadu, India

Research Article
Kamala K

A True experimental research, pre and post test with control and experimental group was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of self-instructional module regarding behavioral problems of adolescents for the high school teachers, on assessment and referral of their students with behavioral problems. Data were collected from 150 high school teachers selected by multi stage sampling technique in government high schools under Namakkal district through closed ended questionnaire and assessment checklist. Data were analysed by descriptive and inferential statistics. The overall post test knowledge and skill scores in experimental group showed the highest mean percentage of 82.5% and 77.6%.The knowledge and skill level improved after administering the SIM. In Comparison of pre and posttest knowledge and skill scores, the control group showed‘t’ value of 1.02 &1.73 where as in experimental group the highest‘t’ value was 45.7 &58.6 which shows the SIM was effective.