Effectiveness Of Self-Instructional Module On Knowledge Regarding Preventive Measures Of Visual Problems Among Software Professionals

Research Article
Kumari BNP and Babu D
Software Professionals, Computer, Visual Problems, Preventive Measures

Computers influence every sphere of human activity and bring many changes in education, industry and health care. Occasional computer users may notice no ill effects from poorly designed or badly adjusted work stations, but those who spend several hours a day for many years should pay careful attention to ergonomics. The present study based on evaluative approach aimed to assess the effectiveness of Self Instructional Module (SIM) on Knowledge regarding Preventive Measures of Visual Problems among Software Professionals working in selected software companies, Bangalore, India. Sixty software professionals were selected by using non - probability purposive convenient sampling technique and the Structured Knowledge Questionnaire on Preventive Measures of Computer related Visual Problems was utilized to collect the data. The study findings showed that there was a significant difference between the pre and post test knowledge score of the participants about knowledge on preventive measures of visual problems at p<0.01 after administration of SIM and concluded that the Self Instructional Module as one of the educational strategy was found to be effective in increasing the knowledge level of software professionals regarding preventive measures of visual problems.