Effect Of Vastus Medialis Oblique Strengthening In Patellofemoral Pain Syndromeusing Electromyography In Recreational Runners

Research Article
Devika Bhide., Puja M Bharti., Ujwal L. Yeole and Shweta Kulkarni
Electromyography, VMO strengthening exercise, Visual analogue scale.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a common disorder causing diffuse anterior knee pain. With the incidence in the general population being as high as one in four and even higher in athletic individuals. The aim of this study wasto check effect of Vastus medialis oblique (VMO) strenghtening in patellofemoral pain syndrome by using electromyography in recreational runners. Total 30 young individual were included in the study according to the inclusion criteria. A 1 week program was selected where strengthening exercise of VMO was done daily. Pre and post visual analogue scale and electromyography was taken .After the end of study we found that there is significant improvement in VMO strength. Also the p value showed that there is significant increase in VMO strength. The study concluded VMO strengthening exercise are effective on patellofemoral pain syndromze in recreational runners