Effect Of Scapular Stabilization Exercises Along With Pectoralis Minor Stretching On Throwing Velocity Of Baseball Players Having Scapular Dyskinesia

Research Article
Neeraj Singh PT and Pragya
Pectoralis minor index (PMI), Throwing velocity (TV), Scapular dyskinesis, Scapular stabilization exercises, Stretching.

The repetitive overhead activity in players cause imbalance in scapular musculature, alteration in scapular static positioning and scapular force couple production. This manifest in form of shoulder pain or scapular dyskinesis. Scapular dyskinesis is one of the leading causes of affecting performance (throwing velocity) in players involved in overhead activities. There are numerous factors predisposing players to scapular dyskinesis and out of them Pectoralis minor shortening along with scapular muscle weakness can lead to alteration in scapular kinematics and thereby affecting their performance. The purpose of the present study was to study the effect of scapular stabilization exercises along with pectoralis minor stretching on throwing velocity in baseball players having scapular dyskinesis.20 Baseball players (Mean age = 20.75±1.65 years) were selected as per inclusion criteria (PMI ≤ 7.5). Further players were randomly divided into two groups, group A (Experimental group) and group B (Control group), having 10 players in each group. Scapular stabilization exercises along with pectoralis minor stretching were administered in group A whereas generalized shoulder exercises along with self-stretching of shoulder muscles were performed in group B. The primary outcome measure was throwing velocity which was assessed using pocket radar at baseline and after one month of intervention in both groups. Unpaired t- test was performed to compare changes in throwing velocity of players along with Pectoralis minor shortening using SPSS 19.0 version. The level of significance was set at p< 0.05.Before starting the intervention no significant differences were observed between two intervention groups for PMI (t=0.0; p˃0.05) and throwing velocity (t=0.13; p˃0.05) among baseball players. Following one month intervention, significant differences in Pectoralis minor length (t=2.25; p˂0.001) and throwing velocity (t=2.25; p˂0.05) of involved shoulder was found in Experimental group as compared to control group. Hence, Scapular stabilization exercises along with Pectoralis minor stretching is effective measure in improving throwing velocity in baseball players having scapular dyskinesis.