effect of polyamines on in vitro growth, shoot multiplication and rooting in wrightia tomentosa roem et shult

Research Article
Preeti Joshi, *Dimple Suthar and Sunil Dutta Purohit
W. tomentosa, polyamines, in vitro proliferation, multiplication, rooting

Effect of exogenous polyamines ( putresine, spermine and spermidine ) was examined on in vitro shoot bud proliferation, multiplication and rooting in Wrightia tomentosa. Addition of polyamines in the concentrations ranging from 0.1 mM to 1.0 mM in MS medium in combination with 5.0 mgl-1 BAP stimulated axillary shoot bud proliferation and rate of multiplication. Maximum number of bud proliferation (9.61 shoot buds/explant) was observed on 1.0 mM spd followed by 1.0 mM spm and 0.5 mM spm forming 9.59 and 9.39 shoot buds/explants, respectively as compared to 5.0 mgl-1 BAP (3.80 shoot buds/explant) which served as control. The shoot length was also improved significantly on all the concentrations of polyamines as compared to control. Maximum shoot length (2.52 cm) was observed in explants treated with 0.5 mM spm which was significantly higher to control (1.48 cm). Addition of polyamines at various concentrations influenced the rate of multiplication significantly. Highest rate of shoot multiplication was obtained on 0.5 mM spm (3.93-fold) as compared to 2.98-fold on control. There was no significant increase in shoot length when polyamines were added to multiplication medium as compared to control except by spd at 1.0 mM concentration. Addition of polyamines in rooting medium had no significant positive effect in terms of rooting percentage, number and length.