Effect Of Intervention On Adolescent Girl’s Health Related Perceived Parental Preferences

Research Article
Anshu., Sumedha Chaudhary and Anjali Mathur
Intervention, Parental Perception, Gender, Discrimination, Adolescents.

The present study entitled “Effect of intervention on adolescent girl’s health related perceived parental preferences” was undertaken with the following objectives- To plan and implement an intervention package to address health issues and perceived parental preference engendering from gender discrimination. To conduct post intervention assessment of perceived parental preference of adolescent girls, To assess the efficacy of the intervention package. An action research design was adopted for the present study and survey method was used to collect the data from the respondents of Allahabad city. The sample comprised of 75 adolescent girls ageing between 13- 20 years was selected through purposive random sampling. Out of 75 adolescent girls, 25 each from upper, middle and lower socio-economic status were selected from the Noorjahan inter college, Bal bharti inter college, Bal mitra inter college. Self made Perceived Parental preference towards gender discrimination scale was administered on respondents to seek information regarding gender discrimination. The findings revealed that the maximum adolescent girls to across socio economic groups perceived that their parent are giving equal preference to both the gender in the areas of health in the girls of higher socio economic groups whereas in the middle and lower income group girls area of parental perception .After the Intervention the girls felt that parental perception towards gender discrimination had improved significantly (P≤0.05). Therefore, it can be concluded that an effective intervention can help reduce the menace of gender discrimination in the society.